Sunday, 2 August 2015

DNA mapping

My AncestryDNA results are in and one of the things I have been looking forward to is comparing what my DNA map looks like compared to my genea-map.

My genea map, plotted using google maps and the earliest ancestors I have been able to trace looks like this:

My AncestryDNA map:

And not being satisfied with that I transferred the raw data to FamilyTreeDNA to have a squizz:

So overwhelmingly European is the not unexpected results then.

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Dear Aunt Jane...

My first introduction to you was a baptism record from Wellingham, Norfolk in 1806.

I was rather excited as I had just found your parents marriage and finding you, the sister of my first Muffett in Australia was an added bonus. I was a little confused when I later ran into you in East Dereham, Norfolk being baptised again six years later.

But researching what 'publicbly baptized' could mean I decided that yes, this was your christening - the one with family and friends - and being around 20 kms from your original appearance was happy with my reasoning. But last night, last night you threw me a doozy.

Another baptism, 6 November 1808 at St John the Evangelist, Smith Square in Westminster of a Jane daughter of Robert & Sarah M*ffet also born the 6th of November 1806? Is this you as well?

Your brother does claim to have been born in London and when he informed the registry of your younger brother's death he stated that he too was London born. Their convict records however indicate a Norfolk lineage and your parents certainly were married in that little church in Wellingham. But I wonder also if this is not your younger brother at St Margaret's Westminster.

You can see, my dear Jane why I am a little confused. I do so hope you will help me clear up this matter.

Much love,
Your 3rd great grand niece.