Thursday, 8 August 2013

Deciphering Old Handwriting

is not something I am very good at, and given my own atrocious handwriting you think I would be. Yesterday I turned to twitter to help me make out a place name on a board's immigrant list for the Commodore Perry 1855 - it was Heblos for those interested - today I am wondering if anyone can help me decipher the following "complaints" by Johan Winter and John Boss from the same voyage.

Source: Commodore Perry, Persons on Bounty ships to Sydney, Newcastle Moreton Bay, 1848-66, NSW Archives Kit, CGS 5317, microfilm 2469, 4/4946

I'm flummoxed.


  1. I think the first one says something about victuals and too little of it.

  2. Second one all I can decipher is ---- not ---- actually to scale.

    Sorry wish I could be of more help.

  3. Can't help but I reshared your blog link on Google+. Hope SKS there can offer assistance.

  4. 2nd image, 2nd line, 1st word is 'issued'.

  5. 1st image, second line: Things of M....
    1st image, third line: with rituals
    1st image, fourth line: and too little of it.
    1st image, fifth line: the sound of ....
    1st image, sixth line: is the p.....

    2nd image. Permissions not issued actually to scale?

  6. First image, 1st line: Complains of ...
    1st image, 3rd line: with VICTUALS..
    (victuals 3rd person singular present, plural of vict·ual.
    Noun: Food or provisions, typically as prepared for consumption.
    Verb: Provide with food or other stores.
    Synonyms: provisions; viands; victual; food; eatables; rations)