Friday, 18 September 2015

More DNA Mapping

After I got my AncestryDNA results my mother was so excited that she ordered her kit straight away.

Well her results are in and SURPRISE I wasn't switched at birth (no chance of that really with how much we look like each other but it does ruin my dreams of being a fairy princess) and her DNA mapping is really interesting. It makes me want to bail up my grandpa and make him spit into a tube, so without further ado - AncestryDNA:


I really do want to know more about my grandfather's side of the family now other than a vague mention of his mother having Romany heritage. 


  1. Did the DNA test shed any light on Mary Ann Bales parents? I'm thinking of doing the test to get a few answers around this family and was wondering if it will be useful

    1. Doesn't really work like that, not unless you have someone to compare to