Sunday, 10 April 2016

DNA Mapping again

This time of my paternal ancestry. I threw the kit at Dad and told him to spit.

So from Ancestry:

No surprises there; well actually I was expecting it to be a little more homogeneous because his first cousin's looks like this:

The German on Dad's maternal side makes all the difference it seems.

What did surprise me is how similar mine and Dad's FTDNA maps are.



The southern European that I assumed must all be from my maternal side; seems to reflect what I am guessing may be from Dad's maternal as well. I think I may have to throw my other half's science brain at the problem because numerical data analysis is not my strong suit.  


  1. Maybe the Southern European comes from both sides. Yours is a deeper shade of purple.

  2. Really interesting. Suspected Muffett's were ag laborers - seems they didn't travel very far.